Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Morning all...

So as I have spent my morning procrastinating and what better way to do so by getting lost in endless in email subscriptions and blog followings, one of the many scrolls took me through to Time magazine who have just released their "ALL-TIME 100 Fashion Icons", follow the link below and see which ones you agree with, especially if you too need a procrastination catalyst!

Here are my definite all time #LIKES from the list! 

Designer #1: 
Jil Sander 
(And even better that she's returning to the label) 

Designer #2: 
Coco Chanel
An obvious choice, but this was the woman that made put the 'C' in 'Class'

Photographer #1 
Richard Avedon
(The Man that made glasses look 'cool')

Photographer #2 
Cecil Beaton 
This one isn't on the list which I just think is an absolute shocker

Muse #1
Audrey Hepburn
(The female love of my life that is able to make me feel a little less guilty about smoking!) 

Go to Time Magazine website now to pick your favourites! 

Happy Procrastinating! 

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